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Over the last few months Empower Network
has gone from the an “idea” to a movement.From the “little thing” they said would never
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The first $1.

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We even handed out checks in Atlanta on stage to
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Results not typical. See our full income disclosure here:

So here’s the question:

Are you going to continue searching for the
next best gimmick, gadget or get rich quick

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….be surrounded by industry legends and leaders…

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Bryan Dykes (734) 790-5671 bryanshere@comcast.net

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Flaming HOT, and Out of the Closet. RED THIS (seriously) big A$$ checks (LOOK)

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Rogue Internet ‘Money Magician’

Watch this video and learn why Empower Network is such a great place to work……

Rogue Internet ‘Money Magician’

Bryan Dykes                                                                                                                                      (734) 790-5671                                                                                               bryanshere@comcast.net

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I have been in the Heating & Cooling industry for 20 years and even on my best day I would never want to work 18 or more hours. The involvement of being an Entrepreneur  I could work 18 or more hours sleep for a little while and when I woke up I would still have the motivation to work another 18 or more hours. That’s passion and that is why I knew I would be a successful Entrepreneur.

Bryan Dykes……


Now if your looking into becoming an “Entrepreneur” and all your getting is negative information or just bad information from people that don’t have the right information or are just jealous because they haven’t achieved success themselves.


Watch this video and be Informed by Tim Sales……….




Whoever meets the required performance standards enjoy the benefits of that standard! That is the most fair compensation structure their could possibly be!

                                                                                               Tim Sales……

If your looking for the most fair compensation structure to become an entrepreneur that I’ve seen click here enter your email and watch this video…..

Now if your inspired and ready to become an Entrepreneur click here



Bryan Dykes

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